• Telecom companies forge ahead with dealmaking

    Our latest Global Capital Confidence Barometer notes that telecom companies face an ever more pressing mandate to transform their businesses amid digital technologies and competition.

  • BEPS impact on the telecommunications sector

    Telecommunications companies should understand that BEPS is now a key component of international tax reform and that measures need to be undertaken.

  • Data privacy considerations in telecommunications M&A

    EY insight piece examines the landscape around data privacy, leading practices for buyers and sellers, as well as data privacy requirements for several countries.

  • Digital transformation for 2020 and beyond

    Based on our research findings, we’ve identified seven key considerations for telcos to keep front of mind as they undertake their journey of digital transformation.

  • Global digital telecom playbook

    Learn how telecoms can become full digital service providers and digital-driven companies, and how we can help.

  • Inside Telecommunications - Issue 18

    Smart homes, record-breaking broadband speeds and the latest in mergers and acquisitions are explored in our latest edition.

  • Enterprise asset management

    We outline benefits and challenges of enterprise asset management implementation, and how the Internet of Things offers a wave of opportunity for telecommunications.

  • M2M in China

    China’s machine-to-machine (M2M) market is set for explosive growth. Learn more about these opportunities to build on global leadership.

  • Decoding mobile financial services

    From an unbanked individual to a tech-savvy user, mobile financial services has value to offer at all economic levels. Learn about the latest opportunities.


Telecommunications: transforming our society

Telecommunications operators are mastering the demands of technological and regulatory changes while illustrating transparency, customer innovation and bringing new services to the market. Are you keeping up? Whether your goals consist of adjusting your business model or boosting your market share, we deliver on our promises so you can be at the forefront of change.

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